Magical images and moments in the official video of 12th Int' Marathon "ALEXANDER THE GREAT"

An astonishing participation record for the 12th International Marathon “ALEXANDER THE GREAT”! On Sunday, April 2nd, everyone will be there!

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Significant financial support to institutions through NN 11th International Marathon "ALEXANDER THE GREAT"

The runners’ response to the social responsibility program of NN International Marathon “ALEXANDER THE GREAT” was so remarkable that a significant amount was given to the supported institutions of social offer which participated in the event with their own running teams.


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March 8 is the registration deadline for the 12th International Marathon "ALEXANDER THE GREAT"! Have you reserved your spot?

Impressive numbers of entries for the 12th International Marathon "ALEXANDER THE GREAT, both for Greek and foreign runners,  particularly please the Organising and Technical Committee, which makew every effort to improve the services provided to the runners, as well as the parallel cultural, environmental and social events that will accompany the competition program of the event, giving new emotions and personal records to the participants.

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20,000 smiles, a unique success! Thessaloniki and specifically Greece celebrated its second biggest annual event!


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          13th International Marathon "ALEXANDER THE GREAT"

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