The official lightning ceremony of the Alexander Flame will take place on Saturday morning, the previous day of the Marathon at the archaeological site of Pella, in cooperation with the Municipality of Pella and the Archaelogical Museum of Pella.

The Flame of Sports and Culture, the Flame of the human strength, that represents the strength of body and spirit, is transferred by torch relay to the White Tower, in Thessaloniki.

On the same day in the afternoon, the Alexander Flame after passing through theroutes of the racing programme, where the local authorities schedule honorary events, it leads to the final destination, to its altar until the next day noon, till the last runner finishes. The Alexander Flame keeps warm the hearts of both the athletes and spectators who participate in the great feast of the Marathon of history. A route from the ancientGreek culture until nowadays, full of Greece, full of messages and sympolisms.





          13th International Marathon "ALEXANDER THE GREAT"

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